It continues to be an uncertain time in our nation, as we respond and react to the ongoing pandemic. At Affiliated Workers Association, we are dedicated to health and well-being of our members, employees and our surrounding communities.

In this issue of Insights, learn about telemedicine benefits available to AWA members, as well as at-home tests now available through our discount lab testing resource in the AWA Benefits section.

Find out about pandemic resources geared to small businesses, as well as the COVID-19 small business resources our advocacy partners are providing. Learn more in the Business section.

Working from home is a new normal for many AWA members during this unprecedented time. Find out about staying healthy while working from home in the Health & Lifestyle section. We've also reviewed some of the best Apps available to help give members ideas for managing time and staying productive at home.

We want to say thank you for your patience and understanding as we navigate this time together. We wish everyone safety and good health during this time of precaution.

As always, be sure to visit or contact Member Services at (855) 351-7536 or at for any questions regarding your membership.

The Affiliated Workers Association Board of Directors

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Telemedicine Resources

Many AWA memberships include a telemedicine program. It is highly recommended that members first use telemedicine to avoid unnecessary contact at a doctor's office or clinic during the COVID-19 pandemic.  And our telemedicine benefits provide "free and unlimited" physician consultations.

If your membership includes Teladoc, they have put together a site dedicated to information about COVID-19 and how best to use telemedicine during this time.  Please note that response times may take longer than normal.

All AWA memberships that include Teladoc have an unlimited number of consultations with no additional fees.  For more information about your Teladoc benefit, visit your member portal to review your member materials.

To begin using Teladoc, visit to set up your account.


At-Home Lab Tests Now Available

MyMedLab, a discount lab testing resource on many AWA memberships, is working hard to make sure you have access to the testing you need while staying at home to flatten the curve. They recently released more than 50 new tests, all of which can be collected at home, for a variety of health concerns.  These include tests for digestion, environment, hormone, inflammation, nutrition and thyroid.

For more information on all of the at-home test options offered by MyMedLab, click here.

Coronavirus Relief Options

Small Business Owners are struggling to survive during this unprecedented time. With some state and federal emergency funding, small business owners may be able to find some relief.  Here is a starting point for help:

  • U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) - Through funding options like the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), Economic Injury Disaster Loan (EIDL), Express Bridge Loans and SBA Debt Relief, these temporary programs established by the CARES Act are designed to address small business needs due to the COVID-19 outbreak.  Find out more here.
  • GoFundMe Small Business Relief Initiative- Yelp and GoFundMe have partnered to provide microgrants and fundraising tools to qualifying small businesses. Learn more here.
  • Facebook Small Business Grants Program - Facebook is offering $100M in cash grants and ad credits to help small businesses in more than 30 countries.  Find out more here.
  • Venturize COVID-19 Loans & Grants - Through our partner Small Business Majority, Venturize is providing an ongoing list of available loans and grants available. Learn more.


COVID-19 Advocacy Resources

Our partnership with the Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council gives all AWA members a voice in matters related to Small Businesses and COVID-19.  SBE Council provides guidance on calculating loans and navigating SBA loan assistance, all while advocating in Washington D.C. on behalf of small businesses fighting to survive the pandemic.

Review the SBE Council's website for the latest news and updates impacting small businesses during COVID- 19.


Small Business Majority is another AWA advocacy partner focused on providing funding opportunities and resources for small businesses during the pandemic.  They are offering webinars on navigating loans, re-invigorating small businesses and understanding the state resources available to small business owners.  In addition, Small Business Majority and Venturize are working together to provide information on emergency loans and grants, paid leave, unemployment and more as it becomes available.  For more information on Small Business Majority COVID-19 resources, visit their dedicated website.

Stay Healthy While Working From Home

Creating a healthy work-life balance is much more difficult when your commute is just down the hall.  Be sure to structure your environment to promote a healthy work day at home.

  • Make a Designated Work Area - stay off the couch and find an area in your home with minimal distractions to set up a working space. This lets others know in your home that you are "at work" and will help initiate more of a working mindset.
  • Schedule Your Day - by making an outline for your day, you can stay on task and prioritize your tasks.  Have a clear start and finish for the day with time for a dedicated lunch break.
  • Prep Your Meals and Snacks - stock your fridge and pantry with healthy foods like fruits and veggies, whole grains and lean proteins. With meals prepared in advance, it is easier to take a break for lunch or a snack and still stay on track with healthy goals.
  • Add a Workout Into Your Calendar - with regular workouts, your stress levels will be lower and you will have increased energy.  Add a timeslot for a workout early in the morning or after work hours. Checkout online resources for a quick energy session like these from SparkPeople.
  • Make Time for Relaxation - take time for quick breaks without napping. Take a brisk walk or do some yoga to leave you refreshed during the day.
  • Get Out of the House - make a point of leaving the house at least once a day. Bike to a park for a lunch break, walk your dog or pick some weeds out of the flower garden. You'll enjoy the change in scenery and boost your creativity even more.
  • Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate - make sure you drink water throughout the day. Dehydration is known to cause tiredness and headaches.  Aim to drink half your body weight (in pounds) in ounces of water each day.
  • Shutdown Each Day - by creating a shutdown ritual, like closing your laptop and storing it away, it helps you transition away from work and back to home.

By adding these items into your home-work routine, you can establish a healthier balance to accomplish your work goals and still stay on a healthy track.

Apps For Working From Home

Chrome Remote Desktop – Access your computer securely from your phone, tablet or another computer. Allow team members to access your computer for remote support, as well as share your screen for collaboration.

Available for IOS and Android.

Trello – Provides task boards for home and work projects with color coding and prioritization capabilities.

Available for IOS and Android.

Flora– This app is a fun way to help you put down your phone and stay focused on your goals. Plant a seed when you need to put your phone down and stay productive and your tree will flourish. Get distracted and use your phone, then the tree dies.

Available for IOS and Android.

google-play-app-storeAvailable to download to your PC or mobile.


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