Avoiding Weight Gain During the Holidays


The Holiday season is upon us and we can smell the turkey, ham, stuffing and desserts just from memories of holidays past. You worked hard over the summer to get into swimwear shape and improved your health, so why let the holiday season ruin it?

Below provides some tips to help you keep from putting on unnecessary weight during a season that has tradition of high-calorie food.

Drink Water – Soda, eggnog, wine, etc. are a source of unnecessary calories and usually have quite a bit of sodium. Drink water throughout the day to flush out your system. This doesn’t mean you can’t have a glass of your favorite beverage, but focusing on drinking water will help curve your appetite and cleanse your body.

Portion Control – Since there are always days and days’ worth of left overs you can pick and choose, try eating small portions at each meal. Remember, just because you have a big plate doesn’t mean every inch of real estate has to be covered with food. In a couple of hours when your appetite strikes you again, you can try different sides and desserts.

Socialize – The holidays are for catching up and remembering the good times you’ve had together. Take time to focus on being social and don’t focus solely on the food.

Exercise – Try taking a 15 minute walk or go outside and play football or catch with your family after you eat. This will help you burn off calories as well as give fun bonding time before you go into your post-food coma.

Don’t Snack – We all know you HAVE to taste the batter, the gravy and cookie dough while you go. If possible, try to not snack so you can be mindful of what you’re putting in your body throughout the day. It’s best to eat at a table away from electronic distractions, so you can stay focused on your portion size.

Don’t Wait – If you know you will have a big lunch or dinner, do not keep yourself from eating all day as this will only lead you to binge and overeat once you’re finally at the table. Eat a small breakfast of cereal or oatmeal and a protein before heading over to the event where you will want to eat everything in sight.

Leftovers – Take your leftovers and put them into meal-sized portions. This will help with impulse control and mindlessly staring at the fridge and filling your plate to the max.