AWA Year In Review 2021

Affiliated Workers Association is proud to celebrate 20 years in 2021 as a member organization dedicated to providing access to advocacy and small business resources for entrepreneurs and small business owners across the nation. We would like to take this time to formally thank Jeff Burley for his years of service as the AWA Vice President and an AWA Board Member. We are now excited to welcome Leslie Moore into the position of Vice President as we enter into our 21st year as an association.

In 2021, we were pleased to provide you and your employees with access to new levels of term life through AWA BasicGuard, as well as access to critical illness and accidental death & dismemberment with AWA Life Plus Triad. We know AWA members, as small business owners and self-employed professionals, deal with even more hardship when faced with an accident-related disability, so we created a new AWA BasicAssist membership level with access to supplementary income in the event of an accident that prevents members from working. AWA members now have access to a new radiology discount through MDsave, which can help schedule radiology and imaging with local providers at the best rate.

Also, as the pandemic continues, we want to remind our members that many membership levels include a telemedicine program with free and unlimited physician consultations for you and your family members. Many of our memberships also include a Discount Rx benefit, as well as discount lab testing that can be done at home.  Check out your member portal for all the details and we will provide COVID-19 updates on the Member Portal as new information arises.

Please continue to regularly review our AWA member resources like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and the newsletter, so you can stay informed as we announce new ways for our members to save money, manage their health and run their businesses.  We wish everyone a safe and happy holiday season.



Neil Peterson

AWA Board President