Benefits of Reading

Reading is often recognized for its entertainment value or as a requirement for those in school , rather than the physical, psychological, and emotional benefits that it offers to those willing to side aside a little bit of time every day devoted to reading. Unlike other areas in culture, such as films, television, museums, etc., books are widely available to almost everyone in the United States through their local public library. While there are numerous benefits of reading, here are just a few.

Exercise for the Brain – Just as you need to exercise your body in order to stay fit, t he brain also requires stimulation. Studies have suggested that reading regularly can defend against the spread of Alzheimer’s and Dementia. In addition, this stimulation leads to improved memory and critical thinking skills.

Stress Relief – Reading offers a way to escape the stress and strain of life after a particularly hard day at work or home. Instead of dwelling on the frustration or difficulties in the “real world”, readers can temporarily find comfort and distraction in fictional characters and far-off places.

Knowledge and Creativity – Books are full of facts and pieces of information, which are not only valuable for exercising your brain, but also make great conversation starters. The more information you learn about other cultures and traditions the greater creativity you can introduce into your daily life and projects.

Expanded vocabulary – The vocabulary found in many books is more sophisticated than the vocabulary of an average conversation between adults. Stories and dialogues provide an excellent way to pick up new words and exercise your brain by using context clues to figure out meaning s of new words.

Better Writing – One of the reasons why schools make students read the classic s of literature is to introduce them to different ways and styles of writing. These varied styles allow students to learn different composition techniques opening a door to new creative flow and thinking processes.

If at the end of the day you have a choice of cracking open a new book or turning on some reality TV, test out a new book. Challenge yourself to take the opportunity to broad en your mind, creative processes and increase your vocabulary. Read for an hour at the end of your night instead of watching TV and see how it enhances your evening routine.