Dealing with Holiday Stress

The holidays are joyous time filled with special moments with family and friends; however, for many people, the holidays can be stressful and hectic. Dealing with the hustle bustle while shopping in crowded stores, worrying about how to stay on a budget, and the hassle of entertaining can cause stress during an already busy time. No matter the reason for the stress, here are some tips that may help alleviate some tension this holiday season.


  • Plan ahead – Get organized. Make a plan for holiday shopping. Try not to put off shopping for gifts until the stores are overcrowded and there is limited supply. Planning ahead for holiday meals works too. Don’t wait until the day before your event to buy food. Shopping at off-peak hours or online is a plus for avoiding crowds.
  • Ask for Help – Don’t be afraid to ask family or friends to bring a dish to share with others. You may want to do it all yourself, but one less side dish or dessert will save your time and money. Even if your family member doesn’t cook, they can buy already prepared items in grocery stores.
  • Just Say No – It’s easy to overextend yourself during the holidays. Parties and special gatherings can be fun, but can also lead to added stress. Plus, it can contribute to overconsumption of food and drink, which can lead to weight gain. The holidays are already a difficult time to manage weight with all the holiday treats and fattening meals. That doesn’t mean you have to avoid parties all together, just be selective.
  • Volunteer – A great way to relieve some stress is to volunteer. Helping others in their time of need can bring you joy and take your mind off other concerns. There are many opportunities to give back this time of year when many families can’t afford food or gifts for their loved ones.
  • Plan Family Time – One thing that can help during the busy holidays is to take the time to do something with your family. It doesn’t have to be expensive. Looking a Christmas lights in neighborhoods or window shopping can be fun for everyone and can even set new holiday traditions.
  • Take a Break – Find time to do something you love. You can spend some time on a hobby or treat yourself to a spa treatment. The time off will renew your spirit.
  • Be Grateful and Enjoy – Take the time to be grateful for all you have. Misery and gratefulness don’t work together. Although being around your family can be trying at times, it’s those special moments together that make lasting memories.