How to Combat Negative Online Reviews


Sites such as Yelp, Angie’s List, Consumer Reports, and TripAdvisor, just to name a few, are popping up everywhere making it very easy for consumers to go online and build first impression based on what others have to say. The age of information can either be a blessing or a curse depending on the reviews you have received. So, what happens when a bad review pops up online? What’s the best way to combat those reviews and help rebuild your reputation?

Below are some tips:

Set up Alerts – Sites like Google Alert will let you know when your business is mentioned to help keep track of the reviews.

Take a Step Back – Read the review and decide if it’s best to respond. Is it angry and using foul language or is it a legitimate complaint? If it’s an angry review with foul language you can report it. Do not respond as it can start an argument.

Respond promptly – If it is a legitimate complaint, send apologies and let them know you are taking actions to correct it. Ask them to come back and give a coupon or discount to help show them the true side of your business.

Ask for Input – How could you have made their visit or user experience better? Whether the person has a run of the mill experience or a horrible one there are always ways to improve processes.

Be Friendly – Keep a positive attitude and do not let anyone answer with a hot head. A cool, collected mind always gives the best customer service.