Make a Plan for Yourself, Family and Friends

When a natural disaster - hurricane, earthquake, fire, flood, tornado - happens, be sure you know how you will respond. By planning and preparing for a potential disaster ahead, it can help during the time of recovery after a disaster occurs.  This is the first article in a series for National Preparedness Month.

Make an Emergency Plan

Take time to talk with your family over dinner about where you all will meet if a disaster would occur and build out a plan that accounts for all immediate family needs. Download a group texting app so your entire family can keep in touch before, during and after an emergency.

Sign Up for Alerts and Warnings in Your Area

FEMA provides an app with weather alerts for up to 5 locations. Check out this page for more ways to receive alerts and warnings.  Storm radios with battery-powered backup are good for weather alerts, especially when you might be asleep.

Learn Your Evacuation Zone and Have an Evacuation Plan

Make sure your family is all familiar with plan and run through it together.  Practice evacuating in the car with your animals, so they're more comfortable if you need to evacuate in an emergency.

Check Your Insurance Coverage

Review the Document and Insure Property guide provided by FEMA. Know what your insurance policy covers before an emergency.  

Plan Financially for the Possibility of Disaster

Flood-proof important documents by putting them in plastic bags to protect against water damage. Consider putting those into a fireproof box to protect against a sudden fire. Keep some cash on hand in case of emergencies.