State of the AWA 2020

For those who may have missed the recent AWA Annual Members Meeting, President Neil Peterson provided the following remarks:

As we continue to navigate an unprecedented time in our nation during a global pandemic, the success of small businesses and entrepreneurs hangs in the balance. AWA remains committed to supporting our members with resources and tools to help their employees, families and surrounding communities during this time.

In addition, we want our members to know many of our AWA membership levels include a telemedicine program. It is highly recommended that members use telemedicine as their first option to avoid unnecessary contact. And our telemedicine benefits provide free and unlimited physician consultations for you and your family members. Many of our memberships also include a discount Rx benefit, as well as discount lab testing that can be done at home. You can find all the information about your membership in our Member Portal. We will also post COVID-19 updates on the Member Portal as new information arises.

In 2020, we were able to provide more flexible solutions for you and your small business employees with a new SecureElite membership that provides access to group accident insurance benefits at different levels. We will continue to research additional cost-saving, value-added resources for the benefit of our small business members.

This coming year, Affiliated Workers Association is proud to celebrate 20 years as a member organization dedicated to providing access to advocacy and small business resources for entrepreneurs and small business owners across the nation. Keep an eye out for a new, fresh look for AWA as we usher in the next phase of our association.

Please continue to regularly review our AWA member resources like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and the newsletter, so you can stay informed as we continue to receive and communicate information that can be helpful to our members in the coming weeks and months. We want to say thank you for your patience and understanding as we navigate an uncertain time together.  We wish everyone safety and good health during this time of precaution.



Neil Peterson

AWA Board President