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What does the Affiliated Workers Association do?

While we are proud to offer many resources to our members, everything we do revolves around one core idea: Empowerment. AWA works to find the best tools and resources to help each of our members reduce their expenses, learn about issues in the small business space and take control of their financial and wellness decisions so they can work on what really matters – growing their company.  

At AWA, we are proud to offer membership to entrepreneurs, small business owners and contractors who are over the age of 18.

Membership to entrepreneurs

Our small business association includes people from all walks of life and who are located throughout the country, from a Texas web designer to a flower shop owner in Florida.

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There’s a lot that sets our small business association memberships apart from the others.

Group Buying Power

Through the group buying power of a business association, as well as relationships with industry-leading providers, AWA members have access to discounts on consumer and small business resources and services, as well as health solutions like telemedicine, patient advocacy or supplemental insurance.

Customize Your Membership

We provide resources and tools to more than 15,000 small company owners, independent contractors, and entrepreneurs from around the country. The feedback from our members is that there is a struggle to find affordable, yet valuable discounts and resources for themselves and their employees, so AWA provides a wide range of membership options for the most flexible solution. Added with the power of small business advocacy, membership in AWA can help small business owners succeed in this ever-changing marketplace.

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