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Local Small Business Resources for Dallas

Nov 6, 2023

In the heart of the Lone Star State, Dallas sits as a promising city for small businesses. It currently holds the #1 spot for small business employment growth in the country. Dallas is a mecca for growing enterprises because of its culture of innovation and expansion.

Whether you’re a startup founder, solopreneur, or a seasoned small business owner, Dallas offers a wealth of resources to fuel your growth. In this blog, we’ll explore what Dallas has to offer. We’ll dive into how you can gain access to the following in Dallas:

  • Financing opportunities
  • Coworking spaces
  • Mentorship opportunities
  • Support for minority and woman-owned businesses
  • Consulting opportunities
  • Small business discounts
  • Small business health programs
  • Small business advocacy

Read on to discover the hidden gems, tap into the support networks, and unleash the potential of your small business in Dallas. At AWA, we’re especially proud to call this vibrant city one of home bases.

The DEC Network

There are organizations in the city of Dallas that understand the importance of fostering diversity. They provide targeted support to ensure that all aspiring business owners, especially women and people of color, have the resources and opportunities they need to thrive.

Founded in 2013, The DEC Network is a non-profit organization that offers just that. They support entrepreneurs in launching and growing their businesses. They offer a wealth of events and programming to help new business owners, especially women and people of color.

Programs for Accelerating Your Business

Driven by a passion for business growth, The DEC Network offers several cornerstone events to accelerate businesses.

Your Start-Up Cohort

The DEC Network offers an 8-week accelerator for entrepreneurs with 1-3 years in business. This Cohort offers you the chance to scale your business and obtain capital.

Big iDEA Dallas

Do you have a big idea for a business? You can receive feedback and learn how to turn it into a profit-driving business. BIG iDEA Dallas offers you the chance to put your idea into motion.

Your Level Up Cohort

If you have a few years of experience as an entrepreneur, this Cohort may be meant for you. This accelerator offers you the ability to learn techniques for scaling and sustaining the success of your business.

WEDallas Cohort

For women entrepreneurs in Texas, this Cohort is specifically designed to support and boost the success of woman-led businesses.

Financial Readiness

The financial health of your business cannot be overlooked. If you still have questions, this is your opportunity to learn in a workshop setting.

Community Navigator Dallas Program

Around the country, certain types of entrepreneurs face roadblocks in pursuing business success. Veterans, women, and communities of color often face challenges in obtaining capital and other support services.

The Community Navigator Dallas Program offers free resources to entrepreneurs facing these barriers. Learn more about this program here.

DEC Network’s Mentorship Program

To overcome obstacles and achieve success, it’s best to lean on someone who has been there before. DEC Network provides free mentorship program for small business owners seeking advice on growing their business.

Co-working Spaces for Focused Business Development

Looking for a space that can help fuel your professional journey? Coworking spaces have emerged as a solution. As an entrepreneur, you may already have an office—or home office. However, using a coworking space can foster collaboration and creativity.

The DEC Network offers several coworking options that provide you with benefits far beyond the space itself. Members can leverage desks, whiteboards, printing, WiFi, kitchen access, and so much more. You can also obtain access to mentors within The DEC Network and scheduled events and programming.

Events to Inspire and Connect You

The DEC Network offers regular signature and community events to connect members of the Dallas business community. The types of events you can expect include:

  • The DEC Network’s Women X Tech Summit
  • The DEC NEetwork’s State of Entrepreneurship
  • Techstars Startup Weekend
  • WEDallas Mompreneur Summit
  • Dallas Startup Week

Each of these events brings together the brightest minds in Dallas entrepreneurship across a range of established and emerging industries. Learn more about their upcoming events here.

Membership for Exclusive Access to Entrepreneurial Events

The DEC Network offers small business owners the opportunity to join their network. In this network, you can connect with other entrepreneurs, get early access to events, and enjoy special benefits. The best news is that this network is completely free for you to join.

City of Dallas Small Business Center

To foster the growth of small businesses in Dallas, the City of Dallas Small Business Center launched in 2021. This initiative bridges together pillars of economic success, such as diversity, workforce development, and entrepreneurship.

The entrepreneurial fabric of the city feels the impact of the City of Dallas Small Business Center. The launch of this initiative signifies a strategic investment in the growth and success of small businesses. This further solidifies Dallas as a city that champions innovation, diversity, and sustainable economic prosperity.

Business Inclusion and Development

The Small Business Center helps minority and woman-owned businesses promote their services and find opportunities. The Small Business Center has a list of certified minority and woman-owned businesses for contracts or subcontracts.


For small business owners and entrepreneurs looking for resources and tools, the Small Business Center offers just that. Their Quick Reference guide contains everything you need to know, including:

  • Creating a Business Plan
  • Choosing a Name for Your Venture
  • Understanding Taxes
  • Acquiring Permits, Approvals, etc.
  • Marketing Your Business

The Small Business Center also offers financial assistance for small businesses via grants and loans. Only entrepreneurs and businesses in the South Dallas Area can access these financial opportunities. For a list of available funds, visit their Loan and Grant Resources page.

Workforce Development

To meet employment demands, the City of Dallas has crafted workforce initiatives. These programs train individuals in industries including construction, healthcare, and more. Dallas provides various chances for career growth among different cultures, backgrounds, and potential. Learn more about these initiatives here.

Small Business Development Center of Dallas

In the city of Dallas, there is no shortage of support for small business owners and entrepreneurs. The Small Business Development Center helps those in North Texas and Dallas find a competitive edge.

In this city, the SBDC is more than just support—it’s a partner in the success of every entrepreneur it helps.


You have questions. The SBDC’s business advisors have answers. The SBDC offers free, one-on-one counseling, which allows you to receive guidance on your biggest business concerns. You can receive support on the following topics:

  • Loans and financing
  • Financial statement analysis
  • Marketing and advertising
  • Accounting
  • Sales
  • Business plans
  • Management of a team

Consulting is offered for startups, as well as businesses that are currently operating specific industries. These industries include:

  • Retail
  • Wholesale
  • Manufacturing
  • Service

To view additional requirements and apply for counseling, visit their page. They also offer additional resources and templates for business plans, balance sheets, income statements, and cash flow statements.


For additional support, the SBDC offers affordable—and often free—workshops. These events feature expert guidance on a variety of business-related topics. To view their calendar of upcoming workshops, click here.

How AWA Supports Dallas Business Growth

Affiliated Workers Association (AWA) is an ally for entrepreneurs. We’re dedicated to the prosperity of small businesses across the United States and in our home of Dallas, Texas. Empowerment, resource accessibility, and collaborative initiatives are cornerstones of what we offer for the small businesses in our home state.

Empowerment especially sits at the heart of what we do. We know the difficulties small businesses in Dallas face because we have experienced them while growing AWA. Thus, we have meticulously curated a comprehensive suite of services to fit the needs of our members.

We design our services to serve as catalysts for growth, addressing the specific needs of entrepreneurs in Dallas. Below is an overview of how we actively support small business owners in the Dallas area:

Benefits for Dallas Business Owners

At AWA, we recognize that the challenges and opportunities in Dallas are unique, and our resources reflect this understanding. We offer helpful resources for Dallas business owners, including support for small businesses and initiatives to improve well-being.

Feel Entrepreneurial Empowerment Through AWA

In the thriving entrepreneurial community of Dallas, a plethora of resources, tools, and growth opportunities await business owners. The Affiliated Workers Association (AWA) is also there with you.

We are committed to empowering our members. We help business owners like you make smart decisions, save money, and move their businesses forward. In Dallas, AWA helps businesses by encouraging collaboration, providing online resources, and meeting members’ specific needs.

In a city renowned for innovation, AWA serves as a driving force behind entrepreneurial success in Dallas. Ready to take your business to new heights? Join AWA today and become a part of a community dedicated to your success.