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AWA Dental Insurance

AWA Dental 1000 & 1500 are fixed indemnity dental insurance plans that pay for services/procedures based on a schedule of benefits called Table of Dental Procedures. Members will know exactly what the plan will pay, procedure by procedure, before they go to the dentist.

Members have access to one of the largest Dental PPO Networks in the country, with more than 249,000 provider access points nationwide. Members have the freedom to select any dentist, however, with a PPO provider, out-of-pocket expenses are generally lower, because PPO providers agree to charge no more than the contracted fees established for covered procedures.

AWA Dental 1000 and AWA Dental 1500 pay the same benefit amount per procedure; the difference between the plans is the AWA Dental 1500 has a higher calendar year maximum and a higher Annual PPO Bonus on the Maximum Rewards.

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